What do people do after they view your ads?

You don’t have to be a marketing guru or super geek to have a powerful website. There are simple elements on the most successful websites that compel users to buy and you can easily have them on yours too.

It’s not your fault that some of these elements are missing from your site, because we have been taught that you just need a nice looking website with some info about your company on it. Many web designers hide behind the mysteries of coding and graphic design to hide the fact that they don’t know anything about marketing.

I have spent years studying marketing (in addition to my MBA) and currently serve on the board of the American Marketing Association putting together courses and seminars teaching other marketers how to be better at their jobs. I’m writing you because this is my passion and I want to share these techniques with you.

Today you are literally spending thousands of dollars on advertising, so I know you want to grow your business. So back to what happens after they view your ad? Do they call you immediately or lookup your website to learn more?

In the past potential customers called to ask questions, request more information and eventually make a purchase. Today potential customers educate themselves online before buying – especially when looking to purchase high tick items.

So… To answer the question…

People go online to your website after they view your ad.  It is what happens on your website that matters.  The ad is simply to get people to go there.

So What Is Missing From Your Website?

There are more than likely some critical things (easily fixed) with your website that are costing you customers and money.

How You Can Fix It?

Call me at the number below and if your business is a fit I will create a short 10 minute video for you telling you what mistakes I find on your site.

There are absolutely no obligations and in the worst case you can take my advice for free and fix the problems yourself or hire somebody else to fix them.

Call me now on 281.766.4216.

To Your Success!

Lionel Carter
Digital Marketing Consultant

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