Influencers and Innovators

Anything that will have a great impact requires influencers and innovators. The old saying “if you build it, they will come” no longer applies in attention starved democratized Information Age that we live in. Likewise mediocrity doesn’t survive in this system of infinite choice finite time.

The people, products and organizations that will change the world or achieve massive profits will have to have systems in place to attract and utilize both types of people.

Get influencers involved in your projects early as advisors and they will be more eager to share your vision with their audience.

Getting found is only the beginning

i have been experimenting with cold calling. All of my clients come to me through referrals and networking, but I wanted to test some direct methods of increasing my revenue. I am also starting a new project soon that will require those skills which is why I worked this summer with a startup doing some of their business development. It was hard then and even hard now by myself with out and experienced sales lead listening and coaching.

So I pulled a list of businesses in my area and began calling them one by one to test my cold calling approach. Most did not answer but one lady did. She was extremely abrasive in informing me that she paid someone to do her SEO monthly and what did she need me for. Because I can choose who I work with I chose to say nothing and hang up the phone.

Her site was hideous. It looked like it was built by a middle school student for a school project. Design is important to people researching your business. Just like you expect your doctor or lawyers office to look a certain way, people judge your business by what they see.

Furthermore there was nothing on the site that let her know that I was there and gave her the chance to follow up with me. I recommend a content marketing strategy for all websites. You don’t necessarily have to become a top blogger but providing some form of educational content is useful. She (and you) should have a form on her website that collects email addresses in exchange for premium content (ebooks, white papers or webinars). This would allow her to contact visitors that bounce off the site and also establishes her as an expert when ┬áread her educational content.

Of course I could have shared all of this with her if she wasn’t so arrogant!

I Now Love Traffic

So this summer I found myself tired of listening to music on the way into work. I also needed to learn to cold call. So I decided to listen to a podcast on selling. I had never listened to podcast before but the insights that I got from listening were amazing and I was hooked.

Not just on the one podcast (Advanced Selling Podcast) but podcast period. I subscribed to the top Marketing and Management podcast in iTunes and began listening to one everyday on my drive into work. Some of my favorites are the advanced selling podcast, mixergy and starting from nothing.

The really long ones are my favorite because often I can listen to on complete interview on my way in to the office and home from work. The crazy thing is I now welcome the traffic because I don’t want to get to the office before the session is over. Of course I want to get home to my wife in the evenings silly!